About the Squiz & Verint partnership

Squiz and Verint have come together to offer an easy and affordable out-of-the box solution for government bodies looking to drive channel shift and do more, with less.

Designed specifically for the Public Sector, Squiz and Verint’s wrapped service and technology solution integrates with your existing systems to create a technological backbone that shares information, breaks down department silos, and enables citizen self-service across your organisation - and at a fixed price.

A user experience fit for the 21st century

Built with the citizen in mind, the user experience designed by Squiz’s UX experts ensures that citizens will want to engage with your web presence.

Providing intuitive, easy-to-follow user journeys, as well as personalisation and ‘best bet’ features, the solution allows citizens to access services and information more quickly and easily than ever before - no matter the device, time of day, or material being sought.

Easy to manage, hosted in Squiz’s ultra-secure internationally trusted Cloud, and quick to tailor and deploy; together, we can transform our citizen’s expectations and transform our service delivery techniques for the 21st century.

About the solution

The solution utilises:

Squiz Matrix CMS

Designed for government, Matrix comes with out-of-the-box personalisation, real-time segmentation and super-easy content editing capabilities, empowering you to create and deliver the service solutions that you need. As part of your service-delivery foundation, you'll always know that you're holding the reins.

Squiz Search

Squiz Search is an advanced search tool that delivers intelligent, tailored and engaging user experiences, as well as precise and intelligent search results, uniquely tailored to the user (and organisations) requirements. The system connects data silos and databases to effortlessly combine data, Fusing small, disparate pieces of data are into a single dynamic entity. Coupled with Matrix, it amplifies the impact of these tailor-made results by serving it up through the CMS - delivering personalised pages and content that will leave your users thinking that the webpage has been designed just for them.

Squiz Cloud

The Squiz Cloud is a carrier-grade, fully managed private cloud-hosting environment that delivers a flexible, scalable and secure online infrastructure. Our cloud offers an integrated approach, with hosting, software and support all managed in the same place by one trusted partner. We can manage updates and scaling smoothly and easily - you won't even know it's happening. We specialise in hosting for large, complex and compliance-sensitive organisations, so we place a focus on security as well as performance.

Verint Government Engagement Management

Specifically designed around the challenging data management, process management and integration requirements of the Public Sector, Verint Government Engagement Management delivers a powerful blend of case management, business process management, knowledge management, real time analytics and social media capabilities.

The leading local government CRM in the UK, North America and Australia - Verint Government Engagement Management is used by 200+ government agencies worldwide. Built for the way Government and Public Sector operates, the solution suite transcends the contact centre by supporting online government service initiatives that utilise the web, mobile and social media, among other channels; and facilitating digital self-service, assisted service and process and workforce optimisation. As a result,  you can accelerate your implementation of digital first service and help to deliver improved service at lower cost.